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Babcock MSS enables businesses like yours to comprehensively defend their people, property and data against cybersecurity threats - not simply by blocking them, but by delivering a greater understanding of who and what the threats are targeting, and where they are going next.

The way Babcock MSS delivers this competitive advantage to your business is totally unique. We have taken managed security services far beyond their traditional limits, combining them with Babcock’s extensive experience in government and critical national infrastructure projects.

But, most importantly, we have also fused them with one of the industry’s most highly qualified corps of security-cleared threat analysts, recruited exclusively from military, government, global corporate, and other high-security backgrounds.


Based in a UK Advanced Security Operations Centre, (ASOC), this team has unparalleled secure access to international threat intelligence networks, enabling it to deliver constant, protective monitoring to your organisation.


Babcock MSS is founded on long-term commitment to customers, and we understand that every business is different. We spend time and effort baselining your network, so we can understand what is normal for you. We identify behaviours that are not, and learn enough from them over time to prevent a threat from turning into an exploit.

We work with you to explain incidents and corrective actions to your stakeholders, and we upskill your security staff to better equip them for future cybersecurity challenges.


No software licences, no hardware purchases, no additional FTEs – just flexible pricing to respond to your business’s changing needs.

But at Babcock MSS, we don’t just deliver security to you at dramatically reduced cost and risk.

We watch over your business.

The Vision

The Vision To Watch Over Your Business

Babcock MSS has a potent vision for cybersecurity change.

We have fused extensive experience in critical national infrastructure projects with one of the industry’s most highly qualified corps of security-cleared threat intelligence analysts.

The result is that we are driving a seismic shift away from a harmful misconception: that cybersecurity simply means anxiously battling infection as and when it arises.

An intelligent alliance, a lasting legacy.

Instead, we have a vision of a service partnership that replaces cyberpanic with cyberinsight, reactive protection with predictive defence, and simple blocking with unrivalled analysis, showing you where the threat is going next – and what to do about it.

Critically, this vision is for a complete solution to a complete problem – including when a breach inevitably happens. We want to develop differentiated communications to explain incidents to each of your stakeholder groups, and what they need to do about them; we want to upskill your security staff so that they’re one step ahead next time.

Nothing unspoken, no challenge untackled, no fear permitted.

We will stand by you to help you speak to your shareholders, your partners, your customers, the media. We will work with you to define ever more challenging non-transactional SLAs, based on the risk to your business, to strengthen your defences in the future.

Our vision is simple, and revolutionary: the way to deal with a rising threat level is not to ratchet up the scare level. It is to work with an ally who takes the terrifying and alarming off your desk, and defuses it using the intelligent and the analytical instead.

This is how you defend your business. On our watch, anyway.


To win support and confidence across your business, a security solution has to be about more than just “detect and protect”. It must offer robust, differentiated responses to business and technical challenges that vary greatly depending on the stakeholders facing them.

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